Four Tet – There Is Love In You

Four Tet - There  Is Love In YouKieran Hebden from London, England first came to prominence as a member of the band Fridge, before establishing himself as an electronic artist in his own right under the name of of Four Tet.

His first single was 36 minutes, 25 seconds long – and entitled Thirtysixtwentyfive. In those early days the releases were on Trevor Jackson’s Output label. These days though he’s on the well respected Domino label – one that houses The Arctic Monkeys and a long list of uber cool artists.

Warp Records officianados and Aphex Twin fans will know of his remix work, including the opening track on Selected Ambient Works II.

Four Tet is currently on tour across the US and Canada promoting this new album. If my early plays are anything to go by this should be a cool gig if you’re able to bag tickets.

The new album is a must for any fan of electronica and sits somewhere between the sweeter Aphex stylings and the more accessible Bonobo.  Most of the tracks are on YouTube; including the wonderful Circling and Plastic People.

Best consumed in a boutique Whistler hotel with a little British Columbia Ice Wine – while watching the Olympic downhill racing from your bed.


Lovechild of:

Aphex Twin + Squarepusher + Thom Yorke + Bonobo