Aqueduct – The Suggestion Box

Aqueduct - The Suggestion Box - Video & ReviewThere’s no official video for the song available on YouTube, this is a live camcorder thing. It’s a little scary in places but thank heaven for these people who have enough time on their hands to make vids for songs that aren’t yet on YT.

I’ve come across plenty of bands along the way that have official vids but don’t post them on YouTube, missing out on free marketing in an increasingly tight and fragmented market.  Poor choices by record company and band alike if you ask me. Of course, not every song has an official video… but enough of my yackin….

There’s a link to the painfully bad official website below. It has no real discography and previous little information on the releases to date I’m afraid. The MySpace page is only a wee bit better, due only to the inclusion of music clips, but I know 12 year old girls who have MySpace working for them better than this.

So there you have it. The band seem to be from Seattle, or is it Tulsa… and are basically one guy (David Terry) and that’s all the info there is of note. He doesn’t have a beard in the laster video… but the video for “Hardcore Days, Softcore Nights” does make me squirm in a Ricky Gervais sort of way, like watching your dad dancing. 

He’s signed to Barsuk Records, who should be called Pressuck records for the lack of information available on the band. Some backroom web work here did reveal the drummer from Waterboys and World Party (Chris Whitten) is now in the live band. Whoop, as they say, di doo.

All said, it is a great little song. The best bit is just before it hits your tongue, but that can’t last forever.


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Hardcore Days, Softcore Nights

Lovechild of:

Built to Spill + Modest Mouse + Weezer + Badly Drawn Boy

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